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oxford roundtable

"Climate Change and Sustainable Development"

The book includes the papers of the 2007 Oxford Round Table with the paper:
Leclerc, M. Y. ; Holland, E; Foken, T; Pingintha, N: Sustainability of gaia: A question of balance, in: R.A.Reck (Ed.) Climate Change and Sustainable Development, , 351-373 (2010)




Our research interests are in experimental and modeling aspects of exchange of gases between the atmosphere and vegetation. Growing concerns about global warming demands, accurate measurement and quantification of carbon, water, heat and momentum fluxes between the atmosphere and vegetation.

Flow and turbulence structure within and above the vegetation is studied with a host of instrumentation such as eddy-covariance measurements and acoustic remote sensing. Diffusion experiments are carried out with the help of fast and slow response SF6 sensors, gas chromatographs and a tracer experiment system developed by the group.

Our group is currently involved with a turbulence/multiple tracer experiment using perfluorocarbons inside canopies with other scientific partners.

Some interests of the group also include the development and evaluation of different models (analytical solutions to the diffusion equation, Lagrangian stochastic simulation and Large-Eddy Simulation) used to assess the upwind source area (Footprint) from a flux tower.

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Monique Leclerc

Monique Leclerc
Regents Professor

Gengsheng Zhang, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Researcher

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Henrique F. Duarte
Ph. D Student
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David L. Cotten
Research Assistant

Bob Kurzeja
Bob Kurzeja
Adjunct Professor

Natchaya Pingintha
Ph.D student
Recently joined NSF NEON.
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David Durden
Master's Student
Recently joined NSF NEON.

Dr. Sogachev
Andray Sogachev
Research Colleague

Phongthep Hanpattanakit
Visiting Scientist

Dr. Werth
Dave Werth
Research Colleague

Jasmine Vanexel
Master's Student

Grace Devine
Young Scholar

Recent Graduates

David Durden - Current Position: Field Technician II at NEON District 10 Field Operations.
Natchaya Pingintha, Ph.D 2011 - Current Position: Field Instrumentation Unit Scientist at NEON headquarters.

Former Visiting Scientists

Phongthep Hanpattanakit, King Mongkut University, Thailand
Prof. April Hiscox, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
Dr. Stanislav Cedlik, ISPRA, Italy
Prof. John M. Norman, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Dr. Michael Coe, Woodshole Research Center, Cape Cod,  Mass.
Dr. Jorma Koponen, EIA, Helsinki, Finland
Prof. Hong-Bing Su, East Carolina University
Dr. Carmen Nappo, ATDL, Oakkridge, Tennessee

Dr. Georg Wohlfahrt, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
Dr. Andrey Sogachev, Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Roskilde, Denmark
Borja Ruis Reverter, University of Grenada, Grenada, Spain- January 2nd- March 30th 2009

Dr. Anandakumar Karipot, India

Prof. Alejandro Zermeno, Universidad Antonio-Narro, Mexico
Prof. Chuckree Senthong, Vice-President for Research, Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Prof. Constance Brown, Indiana University
Dr. Daniel Cooper, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dr. Dave Hollinger, USDA Durham, NH
Dr. Dave Werth, Savannah River National Lab, Aiken, SC
Dr. Elisabeth Pattey, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, Canada
Prof. Erich Mursch-Radlgruber, BOKU University, Vienna, Austria
Ms. Eva Monteiro, University of Quebec at Montreal, Montreal, Canada
Prof. Frances Castellvi, University of Lleida, Spain
Dr. Harold Thistle, USDA, Virginia
Prof. Ian Strachan, McGill University
Mr. James Thurman, North Carolina State Univ.
Prof. Jerry Gramms, Clark-Atlanta Univ.Atlanta
Prof. Joon Kim, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Dr. Karsten Baumann, GTech, Atlanta, GA
Dr. Kell Wilson, NOAA Oakridge Lab, TN
Ms. Laura Wittebol, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Prof. Liu Shaohua, Dept. Atmospheric Sciences, Peking University
Dr. Lowry Harper, USDA, Watkinsville
Dr. Martti Heikinheimo, Director, Weather Services, Finnish Meteorological Institute
Dr. Matt Parker, Savannah River National Lab, Siken, SC
Prof. Michael Savage, Natal University, South Africa
Prof. Mike Binford, University of Florida
Dr. M. Xu, NCAR, Boulder, CO
Ms. Nathalie Mathieu, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Prof. N. L. Dias, Federal University of Parana, Brazil
Prof. Peter Schuepp, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Dr. Randal Mandock, Clark-Atlanta Univ., GA
Dr. Ray Leuning, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia
Mr. Rob Place, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Toronto, Canada
Dr. Robert Kuzerja, Savannah River National Lab, Aiken, SC
Dr. Ron Sharpe, USDA Watkinsville
Prof. R. Reck, University of California, Davis
Dr. Selma Orivaldo, CIMEPAR, Brazil
Dr. Shaohua Shen, NASA, Beltsville, Maryland
Dr. Shaolin Mao, Tulane Univ
Prof. Stathis Michaelides, Tulane University, Univ. of Texas, TX
Dr. Steve Fisher, Clark-Atlanta Univ., GA
Prof. Thomas Foken, Bayreuth University, Germany
Prof. Timo Vesala, University of Helsinki, Finland
Dr. Tom Denmead, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia
Dr. Tom Watson, Brookhaven National Lab, NY
Prof. Tracy Vine, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Dr. Volker Thiermann, Scintec, Germany
Mr. Xiaofeng Guo, Peking University, China
Prof. Zhu Tong, Dept. Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, Canada